Our Approach

We approach every project from an agile development perspective, assigning a project manager, technical lead and the most knowledgeable and experienced front-end and back-end developers for the task at hand.

We brainstorm, record and divide up our workload of tasks into manageable ‘sprints,’ regularly reviewing our progress to ensure each and every aspect of a project receives the right attention.

About Us

Agile development

Agility is in our DNA. That’s why our highly skilled cross-functional teams work so successfully and deliver the very best.

Our agile operating model helps deliver a better product by working closely with our partners. We assign a project manager, technical lead and the most knowledgeable and experienced front-end and back-end developers. This approach allows us to be highly scalable so we can refine and iterate continuously, regularly reviewing progress and ensuring each and every aspect of a project receives focused attention.

FinTech Web Applications

We’ve been creating online technology solutions for companies in consumer finance since our inception in 1999.

Our years of experience in this sector have led to the release of a number of financial comparison solutions, supported by our fantastic continued relationships with UK insurers. If you’ve used comparison sites to look for life, travel, pet and other insurance quotes, there’s a good chance you’ve used one of our services without even knowing it.

We’ve never been limited to comparison applications. Our goal is to transform any traditionally paper-based, manual and time-consuming process into a quick, informative online journey that helps out both the insurers and their customers, both new and existing.

Bespoke Web Development

No two web properties should ever be the same. Our bespoke approach to development ensures yours stands out both visually and mechanically.

Templates, reworked code and plugins are incredibly useful under the right circumstances. But when your specifications change or what you wish to offer becomes more bespoke, you’re likely to require something more custom, which in turn requires more innovation.

This is the kind of story theidol.com writes endings for.

Our highly experienced web developers produce their best work when the lines are anything but straight. Whether you’re looking to connect your platform with external API data or manage multiple complex databases, we can create a solution that works for you.

Tailored workshops

Need dedicated technical support with your project? Not sure where to start? We host tailored workshop packages to help businesses of all sizes truly explore the art of the possible.

As a tech start-up we have made the mistakes and learnt the lessons for you, drawing on over 18 years of success and experience. We’re ideally placed to accelerate your ideas and delivery timelines into successful product offerings.

So, unshackle your team from their business environment and explore your ideas with us. There really is no better place to do so than our Penrith office, situated on the edge of the beautiful Lake District.

Available packages

We offer two workshop packages that operate on a two-day or four-day timeframe, depending on the maturity of your concept.

Idea to Concept Workshop (Two-day)

We’ll take your idea and, working with you, build this into a defined concept. We’ll help you prove the business case to your board to secure funding, engineer a proof of concept or provide a bespoke design service. Whatever the requirement is, at whatever stage you’re up to, get in touch and we’ll work towards your goals with you.

Set Up for Success Workshop (Four-day)

You have a defined concept but what next? Our four-day offering starts with a theme decided by you. We’ll bring your team together within one room and merge thinking. We want to get everything out of you so that we can ensure that everyone is working to the same objective. By day four you will have a prototype of a product, proposed technical architecture and a pathway to production with some indicative costings and a product backlog.

What does a workshop include?

All of our workshops are facilitated by the following

  • Product Owner – All things project management and digital delivery
  • Solutions Architect – Is the technology there to deliver what you want?
  • Designer – Can we interpret what’s in your head to a clickable prototype?
  • Business Analyst – To help you understand the user journey

Also included:

  • Flexi-meeting room, seating up to 14 people
  • Computer, projector, OHP and white-board
  • Access to our break out areas, including kitchen facilities, table tennis and pool!
  • Catering services available

Contact us for further details, we would love to work with you on bringing your ideas to life.

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