has been working closely with UK pet insurance companies for a number of years, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use pet insurance comparison services via a number of affiliate comparison partners, as well as providing our own online service.

In 2018 we launched our pet service on our consumer comparison brand, Compare Cover, so obtaining pet insurance quotes online has never been easier.

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How Could Pet Insurance Help?

  • Pet insurance can help you with vet fees should your pet become ill or suffer an injury.
  • Many insurers also offer help in the event of a loss of life, or theft of your pet.
  • Your pet may be covered for third party liability, vital if your pet causes damage to property or injury to another person or animal.
  • Pet insurance could help with kennel or cattery fees.
  • Will cover begin right away for a newborn pet?

    Insurers tend to stipulate a minimum age of before pet cover can begin for a newborn pet, and this can vary from 30 days to 8 weeks old. In order to be certain, always check your policy wording.

    What if my pet has previously had an illness?

    Your pet will normally still be eligible for a pet insurance policy, however you must declare any pre-existing conditions during the application process.

    Will I receive a discount if my pet is microchipped?

    Not always, but many insurers do take this into account when calculating your premiums.

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